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Jarret Durst 9 months
Now this is a refugee I think America should try to accept into the country.
Oliver Biscuit 9 months
I'm sure they would if she applied. As a Canadian, this is one I'd gladly accept. Mind you, she'll probably be more comfortable in Oz because its warmer.
Jarret Durst 9 months
Well wherever she chooses to go I hope they accept her and she remains safe once she is settled down.
Oliver Biscuit 9 months
Well as long as she stays out of sight of other Muslims, she'll be safe as they don't take apostacy lightly.

Got Truth 9 months
As a Canadian, I would like to call out our hypocrite government. It’s great that they decided to offer refugee status in Canada, but Canada buys Saudi oil and sells weapons to them. Hmmmm....

Hannibal 9 months
Why is this the sole responsibility of Western nations?
yuckycrumpet 9 months
Because we're not assholes.
Paul Dixon 9 months
Pretty much boils down to that a vast majority of Western nations are first world nations that are used to immigrants and other cultures so are more accepting of them. And we’re not assholes as well.
DKO 9 months
And Western nations invented the concept of "human rights."