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Alabama legislature votes for a bill to ban trans girls from female teams

Alabama legislature votes for a bill to ban trans girls from female teams

On Thursday, Alabama Legislature approved a bill that would ban K-12 schools from allowing a ’biological male’ to participate on a female team. The Senate approved the House-passed bill by voting 25-5, while the House accepted some minor changes by 76-13. The bill now heads to Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, and she did not yet say whether she would sign it.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Mandraquex3000 2 weeks

Good legislation

David 2 weeks

Simple solution use the same standards as the Olympics. Otherwise women's sports will be like the East Germans in the Olympics.

Robert 2 weeks

Eh, they made their bed. Let them sleep in it. New age feminists irritate me, let them have their "equality".

MIDESSA 2 weeks

I truly cannot understand how anyone can honestly say there is any fairness at all in allowing a boy compete in girls athletics period. I'm all about human rights but this is simply ridicules. If a boy wants to identify as a girl that fine just not sexually segregated competitions.

Manuel 2 weeks

I am pro trans rights in sports but when I saw this I just remembered the South Park episode of Randy Savage in female olympics.

good citizen
good citizen 2 weeks

Trans women are still men. I don't care how much surgery or how many hormones you take, the DNA does not change. They still have a Y chromosome. If a trans person got in a car crash and you had to identify with DNA it would identify them with the gender they are born not the lie they present

michael 2 weeks

So they banned women from women's sports. How about some studies on the effects of therapy in people who transitioned early enough to stop the biological advantages? Oh but wait, republicans don't even want those kids to get therapy to correct their problem. Next bill from republicans; a constitutional amendment declaring transsexuals as not people.

Jason 2 weeks

Trans division? Is that not equality. Have your own division!

Phoenix 2 weeks

Good. That’s fair.

David 2 weeks

It'll also be interesting to see what NCAA does. They've come out in support of transgender athletes and floated the idea of banning colleges from competing in the NCAA sports if the colleges aren't playing along with their politics. The public University of Alabama would be subject to state law. Imagine no Crimson Tide football in the NCAA.

Jordy 2 weeks

This is a good legislation. Transgender females do not belong in women's sport whatsoever. Period.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

Doesn't sound like it matters if the governor signs or not. They have more than enough to override a veto.

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

Pathetic we even have to have this kind of conversation. Thousands of years of science and technological advances just to be set back 10 fold by some chix with dix who think they are women.

calvin 2 weeks

If someone wants to put on a dress and call themselves Mary, fine.but don't give these loon bins rights.just give them a pink tool set for Christmas.

coughdrop1989 2 weeks

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! I'm triggered!

godhillie 2 weeks

Crazy that this even a discussion.

Jos 2 weeks

Alabama at it again, they'll never learn!

David 2 weeks

So transboys can compete on boys teams, but not transgirls on girls teams? Well there's obviously going to be a lawsuit about that. Transkids would be receiving puberty-blocking hormones and supplemental hormones of the gender they are transitioning to. So a transgirl (mtf) would be receiving drugs to block testosterone (the supposed advantage) and receiving estrogen, which the cis girls already have. Conversely, a transboy (ftm) would have estrogen blocked and be adding testosterone, and supposedly would be free to compete against other boys who naturally produce testosterone. The transboys might actually be receiving a higher testosterone dosage to assist in the transition than what cis boys would naturally produce thus creating a competitive advantage that wouldn't be blocked by this legislation. It appears to be unfair to block those seeking participation who are transitioning one way but not those of the reverse. Ban both or none at all, or create a separate trans competitive division.

Seekster 2 weeks

Common sense legislation.

george 2 weeks

Good. This protects women from predators.

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