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Tom Moon 5 months
I wish they would view space , straight up from their position.

MightyMargulis 5 months
welcome to 1967 China

Thomas Watson 5 months
This is going to start an arms race, isn't it?

themdg MOD 5 months
Way to go China! I've always thought that the perfectly synchronous rotation of the Moon as it revolves around the Earth was fascinating. God's idea of an Easter Egg, I guess.

Chris Cahill 5 months
Now they just have to drive it to the other side to prove the moon landing happened
Randy Rand 5 months
Or point one of the hundreds of spy telescopes, or Hubble and take a nice crisp 7k photo of the landing site to end all the conspiracy... but they won’t.

VaasDC 5 months
c'monnnnnn flat earthers. gotta be a few of ya on here somewhere.
Blaeingr 5 months
They're still too busy being worried about Russia to comment yet.
Daddy Tito 5 months
Earth is clearly pink frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles shaped. Don’t @ me trumptards.

5 months
And Americans are here, fighting about a Wall.
Voice of Reason 5 months
We did the whole moon landing thing over 50 years ago. Not much reason to go back.
DKO 5 months
Yeah, China sorted out their border wall construction a very long time ago, they can focus on other things now.
MightyMargulis 5 months
China cant build border walls because they keep annexing other countries. a wall would imply a forever border.

Vault Tec USA 5 months
Damn I dont see any Transformers
Blaeingr 5 months
Because they're more than meets the eye ;)
Vault Tec USA 5 months
Fuck that was good B

Brent Ramoutar 5 months
Murica needs an enemy. As a nation we become complacent when we don't have rivals. Now that China is transferring from a regional power to a superpower, you can start to hear the slow rolling rumble of freedom that has been silent for so long.

RickFit 5 months
Isn't the far side of the moon dark?
Brian Clark 5 months
Dark side of the moon was a great album!
The Deer King 5 months
It’s called a “flash” I hear it’s a advanced form of photography where a light quickly turns on right before the picture is taken.
Cory Pritchard 5 months
Uhh what? Riddle me this... during a solar eclipse, when the moon is between the earth and the sun, you think both sides of the moon are dark?

Humans Eh! 5 months
I'm curious how communication is maintained on the far side of the moon. Communication was always lost until a line of sight with Earth resumed. Are there com satellites orbiting the moon relaying stuff?
Blaeingr 5 months
Pretty easy... it's all a fake and the earth is 6 yrs old and flat as too ;)
Eric 5 months
Yes, we have satellites around satellites. (The moon is a satellite)
nate47362 5 months
Probably used satellites to bounce the signal around to the front.

Johnny B 5 months
next up, Chinese rover involved in single vehicle roll-over next to crater. Scientists suspect the Chinese-controlled vehicle was attempting to parallel park.
Blaeingr 5 months
ROFL, so dumb. Have you ever seen videos of traffic in China, pretty scary stuff.
Captain Obvious 5 months
they should let Chinese women operate that thing and broadcast the results, internet gold. Chinese Man: What the hell did you hit on an empty planet?!
Johnny B 5 months
I've witnessed a Chinese woman driver accelerate full speed while in a drive-thru lane, jump a curb, cross over grass and sidewalk, enter a roadway and sideswipe a car. she got out of her car and started shrugging her shoulders and scratching her head as if confused by what happened.

George Ashworth 5 months
If China lands a man on the moon, I wouldn't be surprised if they claim it's government property.
Blaeingr 5 months
They will start building landing pads like in the S. China sea and claim exclusive economic zones. XD
DKO 5 months
If they're willing to invest the money on it, let them claim it. Ownership claims mean nothing with no force behind it to defend it.
Speedy Logic 5 months
America will be like, "I called dibs!"