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ravel70 1 weeks
this is just flat out messed up.

Julian 1 weeks
We need to ensure these cancerous cultures don’t come into our country
John G 1 weeks
wait but diversity is our strength... lol
Michael Küper 1 weeks
There are plenty of children getting married in the US as it is. More than 200.000 children got married in the US between 2000 and 2015, some as young as 10 years old.
Sam S 1 weeks
Yeah. Right. Pervy old white guys from America have surely had no involvement with any of this.

Seth Napier 1 weeks
This needs to be fixed immediately. Not going to hold my breath tho..

IDWFTW 1 weeks
But no, calling a person the wrong pronoun is the “real” problem /s

SN 1054 1 weeks
These are some old laws that are hold overs from times long past. Now they are being abused. They definitely need to be revised.

NPC #9273635 1 weeks
the only Bill I know that approves this is Bill Clinton
NPC #9273635 1 weeks
PS I never ever wanted to or will want to be suicided... I mean commit suicide
John G 1 weeks
Orange man bad!!! lol
Beisht Kione 1 weeks
No Hillary, er I mean, NPC, dont do it!

Herbie Goes Bananas 1 weeks
"Middle Eastern nationals had the highest percentage of overall approved petitions." 🤔

Samuel Pearson MOD 1 weeks
Can I get a, “Fuck that?”
Big Bang Boi 1 weeks

MightyMargulis 1 weeks
wait, what...this is a thing in modern

ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks
How is this a thing??? How did we not know about this? This is disgusting and revolting. I had to take a blood test to make sure my wife wasn't my cousin when we got our marriage license, but it's totally okay to marry out of country minors.
Paul Dixon 1 weeks
I’m not sure but I think this might fall under some religious freedom loophole stuff. It’s like how polygamy is illegal in America but you got some religious people out west that practice it because of their religious beliefs. I think this is terrible and personally hope that we get rid of whatever loophole was used for child brides.

Abby Cornett 1 weeks

Marshall F 1 weeks
Why is that aloud, this is America its supposed to be a first world country, not a third world one. Why should they aloud child brides, MOTHER FUCKING CHILDREN BRIDES IN THAT IS DISGUSTING THEY ARE CHILDREN THEY SHOULD NOT BE PUT THROUGH THAT KIND OF LIFE ITS HORRENDOUS. Excuse my language. I get disgusted by that kind of things.
Hayden Kerr 1 weeks

Wooden Heart Animation 1 weeks
expecting this to be disavowed for racism soon.

GG WP 1 weeks
There is only one kind of an effective Muslim ban. DEUS VULT!

Gaz Matic 1 weeks
This is what happens when you import third world Muslims.

Jarret Durst 1 weeks
I didn’t even know this existed.
Rational ific 1 weeks
It exists in the Middle East. And now it exists wherever there exist countries that tolerate the intolerable culture that comes from there. (I can't say what culture that is or else I'd be Islamophobic. ...Oops!)
Princess Pea 1 weeks
It already existed here in the USA, by way of the FLDS and the likes. Islam is simply adding to it.

Janet Baker 1 weeks
This is horrible! Although it is good to see that it's still horrifies other people. It is a good sign that we have at least not sunk that far.

Cyndee Weber 1 weeks
Bunch of perverts!

Dust Phoxner 1 weeks
Thanks Obama.
Eric Fossum 1 weeks
Umm. No.
Christopher Harbutt 1 weeks
Do you lock your keys in your car by mistake and say “Thanks Obama?”
DKO 1 weeks
"Over the last decade", I'll let you do your homework, and figure out who was the president over most of the last decade. Hint: it wasn't Bush, nor Trump.

Korvin Carry 1 weeks
what the fuck?! i mean, id be all for it if it meant we arrested the people who are ABUSING MINORS, but just approving them and letting them go?