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SimonR 5 months
Some communities hate cops... At least the prick killed himself afterwards.
themdg MOD 5 months
The cowardly way out. I'd rather see him in jail forever.
SimonR 5 months
I'd rather he were a coward and not a burden to taxpayers
Sol Rosenberg 5 months
themdg he probably wouldn't have gone to jail or prison since the police were bombarding him with ultrasonic waves. He would have likely been found incompetent or insane or whatever and ended up in psychiatric prison.

Avi Khait 5 months
Davis is a UC town. The sick f*ck ambushed the first responder when she arrived to help at the crash scene. Sad.
Sol Rosenberg 5 months
Yes he was very sick and should have been getting help just like all the other shooters that should have been getting help which all started when obama was in office. Even if the police were actually bombarding him with ultrasonic waves, that is still no excuse to jump to murder.

Trash Tv 5 months
Rest In Peace

TheFourth Percent 5 months
saw about this on Twitter, it showed her but Black

SN 1054 5 months
Rest in Peace Your adult life had barely gotten started.

Ronan Sorgdrager 5 months
I feel so sad for this officer’s family. What a terrible price she paid for protecting our society. Awful news.

Petri Fide 5 months
I'm curious on the back story of this shooter that gunned downed this unsuspecting police officer. For what reason would a person just involved in a car accident start shooting at a police officer that is responding to ensure everyone's safety?
VaasDC 5 months
no insurance, warrants, drunk, drugs.
Sol Rosenberg 5 months
Officer responded to a three vehicle crash, killer rode up on a bike. But how was he involved in the crash? Did he cause the three vehicles to crash, is the recap here lying, are you making stuff up, etc...? No matter what the details, it's been learned that the reason he shot a cop, was cause the police were bombarding him with ultrasonic waves. I seen those news stories before this one so you might have since figured all this out by now.
Petri Fide 5 months
@Sol - my question was early before more was released on the suspect. It was clearly an ambush style attack, but it appears to have been an opportunistic attack by a mentally disturbed person. Interesting thought on if the shooter somehow caused the accident to lure police to the scene.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
Why didn't gun control laws protect her?!
grooftroop 5 months
It'll be great when your generation takes the long nap.
Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
@grooftroop and what generation would that be kiddo?
Jaren Means 5 months
yeah please explain

Sir Dragon 5 months
And for that rather tragic article you decided to use a picture of a cop being given a badge/medal?! Excuse me what ??
David 5 months
I’m pretty sure that’s her, what would you want them to put, a picture of her body?
I am Cobalt 5 months
As somebody interested in Law Enforcement and intent on joining, I think that is a great picture to use. Recieving their badge is one of the happiest moments in their life. That's like saying you shouldn't a post a picture of your newborn in your wife's arms to declare that you're a father because child birth is painful and traumatic. Are you retarded? The only problem is you for thinking so negatively.
Benjamin Guidry 5 months
I think that photo was used because she was killed shortly after graduating from the academy. That's what I read in one of the articles.