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Watheverable GRAMPS 9 months
Merit based citizenship.
Vault Tec USA 9 months
Doesnt always work Australia does it and they have tons of able bodied skilled immigrants waiting on the Marshall islands in immigration camps to join them, now its not bad but there has to be a fine balance between selectivity and rejectment of these people not simply based on skills cause we can bring it all the ITs and techs we want but they could lack little experience while others who had little education are self taught and no more than these guys since they put themselves out in the field instead of going the long route getting an education.
Nika D 9 months
@vault educated and skilled are two different things. Unskilled is a drain on our economy. Skilled, whether educated or not, is a plus. IT is not even necessarily educated (many do not even have college degrees), so merit based just means you bring something of merit to our economy.
Vault Tec USA 9 months
Then yes I agree with Merit based I just used IT as a random example not really thinking more making a point

Beisht Kione 9 months
This is a very good idea. The left turned into warhawks when he said he was pulling us out of the middle east, for the most part, but since the media is generally going radio silent on this so far, I dont think the left is going to bitch about this one. Good Trump.
G-Rex 9 months
Personally, I want him to follow through on pulling out of Syria and the other ME nations. I don't trust the neocons around Trump like John Bolton to not whisper in his ear that we should stay. I really hope Trump stays resolute with this.
Beisht Kione 9 months
Completely agree! Bolton scares me. Youd think that after 17 fuckin years that we would learn that we arent going to win the middle east, not unless we want to get a whole lot more brutal, and I dont have the stomach for that. Not over that shithole.
Beisht Kione 9 months
Seems like the neocons/libs want a never ending 1984 war.

Gaz Matic 9 months
Awesome. I was denied a Canadian visa even though I have a masters in biochemistry. A few months earlier I received my American visa. Who would have thought it would be harder to go to Canada than America
Hannibal 9 months
That's because the Canadians, for all their insufferable rhetoric about diversity, have a European-style immigration system. Despite our bad press, we've always been the most open to foreigners.

The Rational Rifleman 9 months
I don't automatically support unlimited H1B, as I've met people from India and other parts of Asia, who were essentially groomed from birth to outcompete Americans in universities, to the point that they were suicidal. The supposed catastrophe of a skills gap in any given industry, should be evaluated in so far as whether it hurts only the share holders of a company, or if the failure of a US endeavor will negatively affect the economy as a whole domestically and internationally. Unless it is a severe threat to the US, a skills gap that results in high demand and thus high salaries, will incentivize Americans to retrain and take jobs they currently don't occupy. If it benefits the nation to bring in high skilled immigrants, then I say we should make every effort to recruit and retain assets. I'm far more welcoming to high skilled immigrants than low skilled, as the latter are more numerous, and pose a competetive threat to the most vulnerable US workers, and the correlation between poverty and 3rd world nations and crime is clear. Ultimately, no foreigner has a right to come here, and should only be welcomed if it benefits my countrymen, and I'm saying this a person of mixed race who doesn't care about race, however a person who becomes skilled, come here to contribute to the country, and starts a life here, should have a pathway to citizenship outside of the asinine quota system per country that keeps expats here for decades without permanent residency and citizenship.

chrisretusn 9 months
Yeah, sad we need to import smart folks because our colleges no longer educate.

Center Right Latino 9 months
but trump is still somehow a racist for wanting more border security...

Jayne A 9 months
This is not putting American workers first and I hope his base never forgets it. Americans who've gained their degrees in spite of being selected against for not coming from more "diverse" backgrounds, are now not able to get the jobs they qualified for because unneeded migrants will work for less. Many are being laid off for this reason, and the best they can hope for is to be paid to train their replacements. Fuck this scam and everyone who tries to justify it by the soulless economic arguments received from the ruling class. This isn't just bad for Americans, but also for the nations that lose their best, brightest and most educated to the brain drain, where they are needed to bring the rest of the world up to the western standard of living. Instead everyone's standard of living is being brought down, with the exception of the corrupt financial elite making the world over to suit themselves.