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SportsBoi 5 months
Why are there so many people blaming capitalism while the obvious problem is that federal workers aren’t getting paid because of the shutdown
Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
lol. nice one. I caught the sarcasm.

Nick Record 5 months
Capitalism is impossible to budget and cutting pay to the working class hurts supply and demand. Capitalism slowly strangles itself. In this time of automation and bitcoin, workers should seize the means of production and start living natural and normal lives. There is nothing natural about emulating filthy rich people who destroy nature.
Havoc44 5 months
so wages are going up and prices are going down meaning that people can buy more with what they have.... and you think that counts of strangulation? wow the logic of communist is so weird
Oliver Biscuit 5 months
No kidding. Youd think they'd shut up about it after that ideology was directly responsible for the deaths of 120,000,000 people last century.
Voice of Reason 5 months
Consequences of Capitalism: excessive production of goods, inability of demand to meet supply thereby reducing prices, high standards of living to the point that poverty in a capitalist system is roughly equivalent to the middle class in a communist system, free competition of ideas leading to innovation. Consequences of Communism: crushing poverty, starvation, lack of basic necessities, persistent resource shortages, suppression of all ideas not conforming to pre-approved doctrine leading to stagnation and decay. Communism: an idea so good we enforce it at gunpoint. See your Bolshevist recruitment office for details on how you too can become another mindless drone in the march towards failure.

G-Rex 5 months
It appears that inflation for rental housing and healthcare are still rising. As a nation we really need to address our healthcare system. HR 676 (Medicare for all) is where we need to move for a pragmatic expansion for healthcare access and to effectively lower healthcare costs for Americans.

Jesse E. 5 months
Gee whiz what do "consumers" do when the prices for material goods and services fall?
Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
material goods yes. Wages and service industry prices are rising according to reports released last week.
Jesse E. 5 months
The logistical cost to move material goods is the kind of service I had in mind.

SimonR 5 months
Remember when people laughed at Trump for saying lower fuel prices was like a tax rebate? Well here we go- lower fuel prices encourages lower consumer goods prices which means less tax on them.

Leah Christiansen 5 months
And this must be what it looks like when capitalism runs out of other people's money. Bound to show itself eventually.
Seth Napier 5 months
Jesus Christ.. You literally just reworded the TRUE statement people say about communism. Try again.
Korvin Carry 5 months
you mean socialism? if all the socialist euronations would actually have to pay for their own defense, or even pay the right amount for america to defend them, theyd run out of money too.
Leah Christiansen 5 months
Wow. I MEANT to reword that! Capitalism relies on spending others resources just as, if not more, socialism. Why do you think we have the extremely high level of poverty?