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Blaeingr 7 months
While I want to go back to work its obvious that some records were meant to be broken :P

SN 1054 7 months
I guess the Democrats are going to squander this opportunity. They could probably use this to get their DACA reforms.
Zachary Brooks 7 months
Didn’t Trump come to an offer with that already that they walked away from? Hard to keep their sympathizers voting for you if the issue is resolved by your political opponents...
SN 1054 7 months
Zachary, I am not sure. I wouldn't doubt it. Trump asks for the Moon then negotiates. Pelosi and Schumer could gain all kinds of concessions but are to focused on grandstanding. It will be the Democrats lose in my opinion.

I am Cobalt 7 months
Yes!! Teach the stupid Democrats a lesson, make them SUFFER even if it makes us all pay the price. They don't want to put America first. Bless you trump for putting America first. The illegal immigration and smuggling MUST be suppressed at all costs. This shows who the true Americans are. The republicans, old left, and center.
Andy Lord 7 months
Make all of America suffer in order to make the Democrats suffer? How does starving honest American families put America first? And most illegals (and smuggled goods) arrive at regular ports of entry. I support strong border security. But a wall will do next to nothing for border security.