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SimonR 1 weeks
Walls stop terrorists from attacking Israel. The great Wall protected China. But there's absolutely no threat from "sanctuary cities" that control guns and not immigration.
yuckycrumpet 1 weeks
walls like the great wall of China worked before the invention of flight, you know, where the vast majority of illegals come from.
SimonR 1 weeks
Because walls don't exist in airports where they'll send you straight home if you're not there legally? 😂 Are you actually stupid? Do you think it's easier to illegally migrate through an airport? 😂 😂 😂

Watheverable GRAMPS 1 weeks
Dumb dumb, extremely dumb comparison.

william snedker 1 weeks
Jim Acosta against the wall shows why we need it but a pro wall guy makes a stupid comparison. Why are they both making bad arguments for there own cause? It’s like there fighting against themselves

PNW_Patriot 1 weeks
So it appears CNN is a apoligist for drug trafficking, human trafficking and child sex trafficking across our southern border. Good going CNN... keep pushing disinformation and fake news to appease your dwindling audience of ''Orange Man Bad' sheeple.
yuckycrumpet 1 weeks
Even Fox news is turning against Trump on wall issue lately dude. That ain't telling you anything

G-Rex 1 weeks
Damn, that is some extra special nonsense.

Dust Phoxner 1 weeks

Tim Qualls 1 weeks
Ugh... What a bizarre comparison. I mean I get that the cartels we're battling are narco-terrorists and lots of Americans are being killed but it's not 9/11. However, CNN is deliberately misleading the public on the issue. The NeverTrumpers rule the henhouse over there.