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Justin Kidd 5 months
So what. It's just a fucking flu.
Presley Perswain 5 months
The flu kills thousands of people every year. It's nothing to sneeze at. Ok, typically the very young or the very old, but still, vaccination helps reduce the number of these deaths by increasing herd immunity.
Justin Kidd 5 months
What doesn't kill thousands of people every year. Take a chance.
Presley Perswain 5 months
What are you, 12? Because that's such a stupid argument it doesn't deserve a counter argument.

themdg MOD 5 months
I'm way up on the fence about flu vaccinations. Every time I get one, I get sick for a few days. But it's a 4/10 sick... not the full blown 10/10 in-flu-frickin-enza sick, which is the worse.
VaasDC 5 months
the vaccine doesnt get you sick. I'd you got sick it's because you recieved a separate strain of the flu.
Avi Khait 5 months
I trust in it more after I learned how it works. The virus mutates constantly. Every year in the Spring they try to predict a few virus variants that will be the worst later in the year. So it's a hit or miss, but it helps the immune system to fight.
VaasDC 5 months
their predictions are fairly good. unfortunately they cant control the population. some people act as Carriers for strains of flu without ever experiencing flu symptoms. then theres the issues with the varies amounts different strains. even if you vaccinate theres a chance of getting a strain your vaccine doesnt cover. that's not to say the vaccine doesnt help against those flu's as well. your flu symptoms will be mild and wont last as long. antivaxxer benefit from a generation where majority of people vaccinated, as the parade around boasting never being sick... hurr durr. they never experienced the fear people did in the past of getting the flu and dying.

ravel70 5 months

beanie weaine 5 months
Yes mutating a virus and then injecting in myself every year seems like a great thing to do. I’m absolutely positive nothing will ever go wrong with people manipulating viruses. All antivaxers are murderers because they don’t get vaccinated and that is why people die of the flu every year.
stephanie allen 5 months
I have an autoimmune disease and can't get the shot. I haven't gotten the flu in years and I'm still alive. when I did get it I got sick.... stopped getting it.... stopped getting sick. everyone is different and have a right to that choice. and I don't want to be injected with aluminum and mercury which are the fillers to activate your immune response to get these vaccines to work!
Ritutude 4 months
Yeah lol I wonder how we all survived this long without the flu shots. You're indoctrinated.