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Samaritan 4 months
Why would they use that picture? That’s some dexter smiling there...

Eric Fossum 4 months
She was held captive. Likely didn’t have many chances to just bump into people.

DishEtti 4 months
I can never even begin to imagine how horrible it is to be held captive by anyone. I would kill myself to escape such torment.

SN 1054 4 months
I can't even imagine the hell that she must have gone through.

Barely Even Talks 4 months
I am very happy that she was found before something awful ended her life or before she spent years in captivity like others have. It's hard for me to understand how human being would do this to another human being.

Justin Kidd 4 months
Fucking hell, that guy should be tortured to death. Well, I hope she can still have a decent life.

MightyMargulis 4 months
poor girl.

Binx1 4 months
I guess I am confused, the 3 articles posted conflicting stories one article said suspects killed patents looking for a 13year old girl..suspects.. more than 1. another articles I read said the murders took place at 1am .how can police arrive minuates after the murders and abduction if the mom was on phone with police dispatcher. the writer of that atrticle is speculating? sorry I may not have been clear in my original post because I was trying to be short. that's what happens when you cut corners. who would write a news article speculating a double homicide and kidnapping. after the child "Fled her captor". so. I am baffled and threw it out here to see if a anyone else read conflicting stories. I hope this cleared up the confusion I may have given u. but that's just how confused I was.
MightyMargulis 4 months
they are at 10am central time.
Josh Ya 4 months
Is that English?

Ao 4 months
Oh yeah that girl. I wonder how she survived out there like that...did she not meet anyone who could help her or call the police for three months?
Josh Ya 4 months
Can't anybody read anymore?

John Bull 4 months
That dude needs hurtin'...