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Facebook blocks sharing The Post’s story on BLM co-founder

Facebook blocks sharing The Post’s story on BLM co-founder

Facebook is preventing users from sharing a New York Post story about property acquisitions by BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors. Attempts to share the story Friday produced an error that read, ’Your content couldn’t be shared, because this link goes against our Community Standards.’ The Post’s report goes into detail about the four homes Cullors recently purchased for a total of $3.2M.

michel booltink
michel booltink 4 weeks

About 10 years ago, I warned my relatives what Facebook would become when it would be big enough. The most laught at me. But I was right.

Robert_Clearwater 4 weeks

Honestly this should not be surprising to anyone, these power hungry goons are obsessed with controlling people. Communications platforms should be regulated like utilities, you can't just willy nilly turn off someone's power and water just because they are critical of something. Imagine the idea of you raising an issue about a power line or something at a shareholder meeting and then you go home and get a letter saying that your line of questioning is not allowed and that you will not be receiving any more electricity until you recant.

jay 4 weeks

I genuinely don't care that she's making money (presumably from a book deal or two), but I think an audit should be done regardless, in order to verify that none of the money was taken from BLM funds. BLM is an NPO, and those have strict rules regarding how donations are spent. In the spirit of full disclosure, an audit might be the best solution. If she hasn't taken any BLM donation money, then her name is cleared. If she's committed charity fraud... Well then, jail time it is.

T 4 weeks

Conservatives are so funny. Now purchasing homes from your money seems to be a federal felony.

92cooks 4 weeks

Usually I can see the reason they dont want to spread misinformation. I disagree with their methods, but I get it. But what exactly is wrong with this?

Dániel 4 weeks

Blocked article link:

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