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Suspect in Natanz attack named by Iran

Suspect in Natanz attack named by Iran

A suspect has been named by Iran in the attack on its Natanz nuclear facility that damaged centrifuges there. Iran said that the suspect had fled the country ’hours before’ the sabotage took place. The extent of the damage from the sabotage remains unclear, and comes as the country tries to negotiate with world powers over allowing the U.S. to re-enter its tattered nuclear deal with world powers.

Jonny 3 weeks

A hero. Saving the entirety of the middle east from an unstable death cult obtaining nukes.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 3 weeks

The US is also a big one. They supported the Mujahideen in the 80's. They were also allies with the likes of Saddam Hussain.

K. 3 weeks

If this happened in America they’d face charges of treason.

J.C. 3 weeks

Go Israel!!!

Yu Ii
Yu Ii 3 weeks

Israel's impunity in acts of blatant crimes blaming others for decades. Israel's 100-300 a-bombs versus Iran 0.

Battery Salad
Battery Salad 3 weeks

The face of a hero. Iran is the #1 state sponsor of terror in the world.

Martin 3 weeks

Israeli terrorists as usual

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