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Arizona Senate to conduct audit of Maricopa County ballots

Arizona Senate to conduct audit of Maricopa County ballots

The Arizona Senate will start the process of auditing 2.1M ballots cast at Maricopa County during the presidential election. Supporters of ex-President Trump at the Senate have cast doubt over the results that Biden won narrowly. There has been no evidence of fraud and judges have rejected lawsuits alleging irregularities in the count. The audit process will start Monday through May 14.

Lcifer 3 weeks

Love how the people objective to the audit say it undermines the confidence in the election.....if anything a through and transparent audit cements the validity of the election and the process if nothing is found.....kinda the whole point of doing a through and transparent audit.....kinda makes one wonder why so many people are against the process in the first place.....

Seekster 3 weeks

Good. Even if they don't find anything its of paramount importance that the people see elections as legitimate.

Rocky 3 weeks

Makes sense. With the volume of discrepancies found not only in Arizona, but around the nation, this should have been step one immediately after. We all know why that didn't happen thanks to the Times Magazine telling us exactly how the "cabal of elites" banded together to "ensure the proper outcome" of the election with "an army of poll workers" they hired to do it. *Edited to reflect Fareem's excellent catch. Thanks Fareem!

O'Brien 3 weeks

Objections to the AZ audit and a pro-fraud attitude are positively correlated. Only cheats don’t want transparency as we have learned recently.

E N..
E N.. 3 weeks

Why? Anyone still clinging to the voter fraud myth won't believe anything that doesn't tell them they were right the whole time.

James 3 weeks

It never hurts to have a post morten - especially given the divisiveness of the election. I'm sure some irregularities will be found but it likely won't affect the outcome although it will hopefully improve future elections.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 3 weeks

Good. When they find nothing will you all finally stfu about it?

John 3 weeks

There is no proof of fraud. It’s perfectly normal to win all 4 swing states (that you were losing at the closing of polls on Election Day by 5-10%) at 2am in the morning when you find 700,000+ votes which ALL happen to be for Biden. Nothing strange there at all.

TaxTheRich 3 weeks

Wasting tax payer dollars.

steve 3 weeks

Objective audit. Laughable. They hired Cyber Ninjas. Enough said.

eggstinater 3 weeks

Great, another massive waste of time. Can't wait to hear how they still don't find anything in 3 months

Jon 3 weeks

Waste of time and money because after the audit returns no fraud the cultists still won't believe it because well...they're cultists.

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