Pelosi asks Trump to postpone State of the Union address

Pelosi asks Trump to postpone State of the Union address

Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked President Trump on Wednesday to delay his State of the Union address set for January 29 until after the government re-opens. Pelosi said, because the Secret Service is the lead agency for security and it has not been funded due to the shutdown, the address should not go on.

Roamer MGTOW
Roamer MGTOW 1 year

trying to censor free speech again, huh Pelosi?

Spartacus 1 year

Probably because she can’t get her own address to counter his

Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione 1 year

Well, doesnt look like she has any intention of passing a budget for another two weeks. That's good to know.

Natasha Gossman
Natasha Gossman 1 year

When the Left goes to such extremes to stop the Right from even speaking to the public, that really shows how scared they are of the fact that the Right is actually RIGHT.

Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez 1 year

In the famous words of Dr. Evil: How ‘bout no, ya crazy dutch bastard?

John Bull
John Bull 1 year

No Nancy, we want our speech. #BuildTheWall

chrisretusn 1 year

Trump should tell her to pack sand.

J Fluoride
J Fluoride 1 year

Skeletor just needs to keep her mouth shut. I know Trump was the one who shut down the government. But I blame Pelosi and Shummer for keeping it shut down. Before Trump came into office they were all about beefing up border security. Both sides play a part in keeping the government shut down. As far as Trump's, it's his determination to keep his promise and to make America safer. As far as the 2 Dem. ass hats it's their hatred of Trump and how if they had to choose they would prefer to see our country fall into ruin under President Trump rather than see it prosper. They are really bad and corrupt worthless people. They are about as worthless as Maxine Waters.

InrickeSuave 1 year

Nancy Pelosi to Trump “Please don’t tell everyone that the shutdown is our fault because we don’t want to negotiate. The American public is starting to see though our lies.”

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year

I can appreciate the fact that she’s ASKING instead of demanding President Trump to not give his address but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s trying to censor him from the public. Let the man speak. If you don’t like what he has to say at least listen to him.

Noob MC Dad
Noob MC Dad 1 year

She is in no position to ask anything of the President until she come back to work and starts working on ending the shutdown.

Jerry Totten
Jerry Totten 1 year

lol, if she is so concerned about funding security maybe she should actually negotiate funding.

George Holmes
George Holmes 1 year

The Speaker of the House of Representatives extends an invitation to the POTUS to address a joint session of Congress to give the SOTU Address. He can still give it, but give it from the Oval Office or one of his resorts. As long as one fourth of the government is closed, I think the American people know the SOTU.

Majesticwalker 1 year

I smell bullshit...

CakeSorcerer 1 year

Why do all of our elite establishment politicians look like monsters?

theLifeOf 1 year

If Trump offered her another state of the union address right after, she would be on board.

Anubis 1 year

He asked you for a wall and you said "No". What makes you think can turn around and ask for something and you should receive a "Yes"? He's the President and you aren't Nancy so shut the fuckup and sit down.

Lenwë 1 year

I’d agree, IF she would then 100% back the wall AND be truthful to how important tightening up our borders is.

Zac Gadd
Zac Gadd 1 year

we the people will protect our leader

MoBoooooooooooooooooooo 1 year

She doesn’t want him to speak because she won’t be able to control her new members. I can’t wait to see fireworks from AOC the Dems will show their asses during the speech. I might actually tune in for this one.

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