Hitachi to halt work on UK nuclear plant

Hitachi to halt work on UK nuclear plant

Japan’s Hitachi decided on Thursday to freeze a $28 billion nuclear power project in Wales as Britain scrabbles for a way to exit the EU. The suspension comes as Hitachi’s Horizon Nuclear Power failed to find private investors for its plans to build a plant in Anglesey. Hitachi had called on the British government to boost financial support for the project to appease investor anxiety.

Robert Leather
Robert Leather 1 year

So another company using BREXIT as an excuse for a downturn in its fortunes. In this case they failed to find private funding. This is similar to BMW who makes the Mini (which has falling sales and isn't profitable) moving the plant to South America "due to BREXIT". Ironically, the UK Government cannot currently fund a private company like this as it breaks EU rules.

drakethesnake 1 year

Weird, Hitachis usually reduce anxiety in old women.

U WOT M8 1 year

Bye Felicia.

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