Trump vows to boost America’s missile defense

Trump vows to boost America’s missile defense

President Trump vowed on Thursday to boost America’s missile defense systems, including by investing in technology to protect against the growing threat of hypersonic weapons and cruise missiles. Speaking at the Pentagon, Trump unveiled the Missile Defense Review, an analysis of the defensive network of US interceptors that are designed to shoot down an incoming ballistic missile.

Cross1ve 1 year

Trump: Let's protect our country from bombs. Media bots: Trump declares war on everybody... Impeach Impeach

NPC8530 1 year

Sensors and safety measures are WORLD WAR. Get WOKE, people!

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 year

If the headline says WW3, it's British tabloids.

MightyMargulis 1 year

didn't Reagan say this first?

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year

He’s going to build a wall across the pacific to keep the Nukes out!!!

Mr. A
Mr. A 1 year

This is inseparable from fake Russiagate narrative. See what started it all:

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