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Jake Middleton 7 months
Can’t believe he got 7 years for taking out the trash.

Tareq Al-Kabsh 7 months
People have gotten longer sentences for pot possession. What a joke. African American's blood is so cheap!

CakeSorcerer 7 months
Why does the race of the victim or perpetrator matter?
Frederic Lück 7 months
It shouldn't if we are all equal
(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
Because the regressive media needs to have a field day.
Starr 7 months
The regressive left can't perpetuate a culture & race war when every side isn't being pitted against each other, after all.

M.Twain 7 months
He will be meeting a whole bunch of new friends.

(Un)Fortunate Son 7 months
To be completely fair to the officer, the kid had a knife. No excuse for more than three rounds.
Sapper82 7 months
You’re right buddy, a knife is a lethal weapon. Over here in London, people are murdered every day by knife- mostly black youth and gangs. If I had a pistol and someone was coming at me after being told to put it down numerous times, I’d pull the trigger.
MightyMargulis 7 months
yeah my issue is the amount he shot him, also shooting people while they run away(unless they just killed/hurt or are about to kill or hurt) is shady af.
The First Man 7 months
Except that if he didn’t stop the kid (on PCP with a knife) and that kid killed someone, then what? He stopped a threat to him and others. I haven’t seen the dash cam footage but even reading the LEFT paper, I’m not convinced he did the wrong thing. Next time, imagine that you are around the corner from this incident, and the cop gives up pursuit and doesn’t shoot a dangerous drug-addled teen...

FoodNotBombs 7 months
7 years what a joke
Rage Against the Vagine 7 months
Blagojevich got a longer sentence

Mr. A 7 months
He'll get the royal treatment in prison lol

TheFourth Percent 7 months
yup, he did deserve prison, arguably more than he got, I see no evidence towards racial bias but this was murder.