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SimonR 5 months
Sue them for libel! Subpoena their sources! Their story was refuted by the special council!

Nik Kirsch 5 months
So...can we ban BuzzFeed now?

Elisabeth St. Claire 6 months
Typical leftist 'the truth is whatever we say it is.'

6 months
Too many unsubstantiated stories by both Left and Right. Need to have evidence along with the printed story. Fair is Fair.

Hannibal 6 months
It's killing how many leftists are defending Buzzfeed as a legitimate news source. Yes, the people who wrote articles about the top ten tv hunks of the nineties... seems legit.

Monster Mash 6 months
The onion is more credible than BuzzFeed, at least they don't still other peoples work.... scene for scene.

Tokyo Gaijin 6 months
A report immediately DENIES and condemned by Muller, himself of all people. BuzzedFeed is worse than CNN.

SN 1054 6 months
So when is BuzzFeed going to get deplateformed for their conspiracy theories and hate speech like Infowars? There is so much hypocrisy and double standards it is amazing!
Jason J Mitchell 6 months
After they are forced to fire "reporters" for blatant lies.
Mr. A 6 months
A theory is too much credit for that, more like a hypothesis for what Russia Gate is! Let's talk about how Hillary cheated Bernie out of the primary candidacy instead, let's not allow them to redirect the focus of the conversation.
_M.H._ 6 months
probably when they start advocating violence and sewing hatred. sounds like this was just a rushed, unverified story, just like the rest of corporate news

Michael Franks 6 months
Will big tech banish buzzfeed for fakenews?
Blaeingr 6 months
Nope... well they might if BuzzFeed breaks one of their commandments, which is unlikely.

Eric M 6 months
Why ever would anyone be interested in @realdonaldtrump and his crew breaking the law?
Havoc44 6 months
we would be very interested if you could ever find real evidence😂😂😂 don't worry I'm sure you're waiting on the next "bombshell" report that will "end" trump for good
Brian of Life 6 months
Have no fear Havoc, the day Trump hands power over to the next president, at the end of his second term, the insane people will say "See, we got him in the end....", no cure for crazy.
yuckycrumpet 6 months
evidence a plenty as half his crew are already in jail.

Dysentery Gary 6 months
Holy hell! this guy can talk???? didn't think of that during the Trump/ Pelosi/ Schumer debate!
Vault Tec USA 6 months
I love your name
Jus Saying 6 months
I'd say he was given instructions not to say anything during that "discussion".

Tommy Hawkins 6 months
It is said that a tiger does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.
InrickeSuave 6 months
I think that’s why your comment had no upvotes.
O'Brien 6 months
Inrick well that comment didn't age so well
Robert 6 months
Please tell me we aren't turning into Reddit with MUH UPVOTES farming. They should be a way to judge how many people agree with a statement, nothing else.

Jason J Mitchell 6 months
Need proof

Scott in FLorida 6 months
Well this one did not even last 24 hours FAKE NEWS

John Bull 6 months
Lol, more fake news....

David O'Doherty 6 months

Nika D 6 months
Is this a Buzzfeed story? Why don’t we byline all the reports as buzz feed so we know who to rule out automatically as fake news pushing conspiracy theories?

Milios 6 months
Fake News

Johannes H Laxdal 6 months
even Mueller's office had to come out and dispute this garbage news from Buzzfeed.

Benjamin Guidry 6 months
The propaganda machine is in full swing. Funny how the special counsel released a statement to refute the BuzzFeed article, then the editor got defensive and pissy about it. So which is it BuzzFeed? Do we believe the special counsel or not?