Facebook attempts to win over teens with new meme app, LOL

Facebook attempts to win over teens with new meme app, LOL

Facebook is currently testing a new meme app, LOL, with approximately 100 high schoolers. This app is meant to bring teens back from other platforms such as Snapchat and Tik Tok. Little is known about this app, but those who have seen it have said it is a cringey attempt by adults to reach teenagers. It is unknown whether this will be a Facebook feature or a standalone app.

Aubry Carpenter
Aubry Carpenter
IIZard 1 year

Haha. FAIL! Roflcopter

Nico 1 year

“Here’s a social hub for accessing all of your favorite online viral content. Also, this an NDA, because we want to control what you see and can tell others...” Because that’s how social media works.../s The appeal of memes is that no one corporation or individual controls the means of distribution—it is an entirely community-driven, decentralized activity. The idea that Facebook thinks they’re “attracting” teens, by creating a central access point for their favorite memes, would be laughable...if it weren’t so pathetic. Nothing says “try-hard” like a billion-dollar corporation pretending to be a hip and trendy startup company. Even Microsoft and Google, for all their flaws (and there are A LOT) aren’t this desperate. The fact that they added an NDA is just icing on top of the sh*t sandwich. Because when I think “edgy”, I think “bureaucracy” and “legal obligations”.

Ben B.
Ben B. 1 year

fucking Normiebook

メアミイケナヤpaisley 1 year

Facebook is for normies

Aubry Carpenter
Aubry Carpenter 1 year

Sorry Facebook, you can't plan how teens want to receive their content. Memes and other content are meant to go viral naturally not be contained within a platform for specific use by teens. I don't foresee this going very far.

Bennington 1 year

hope this project fails spectacularly

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