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Gianttesticles 7 months
died for nothing should not have been sent there.
swifticus 85 7 months
They died for you to male that idiotic comment.
Vault Tec USA 7 months
Trump virtue signaling
Christopher Harbutt 7 months
@swifticus was Syria invading America?

FirstCensorshipThenJail 7 months
Hillary's wars never end well for America or humanity.
Avewarrior 7 months
are they really Hillary's though? I genuinely don't know, so if you could provide more details of what you're trying to say, that would help

Mr. A 7 months
All soldiers, or any PMC's? *private military contractors

Alexander Perry 7 months
I’m all for doing hood rat activities overseas but let it be for a good reason. These men are heroes that could’ve been utilized in the actual defense of our country. Warriors lost for nothing.

Erik Surbaugh 7 months
the true difficulty in judging any president and that President's foreign-policy decisions has to take into consideration the Absurd Sticky Wicket that we in the United States have in our unofficial role as the world's policeman. whether we stay or pull out completely from Syria is a 50-50 proposition. I applaud the president for paying due respect to the Fallen and I certainly hope that the Intel he receives allows them to make the correct decision in this case. in all fairness to the current Administration, the Syrian regime should have been deposed and replaced bloodlessly during the last Administration. every opportunity was there and we could have weakened Russian influence in the region while we went about it, But Here we are now and we have to deal with the facts as they currently stand. hindsight is 20/20 as they say.