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Judi Em 5 months
Yup. Could do that.... Good thing the news outlets figured that out for us.

J Fluoride 6 months
I live in North Carolina and like a month ago we had a monster snow throughout the south east. The crazy thing is that it came from the Pacific. That's something that never happens. Within the first 24 hours we had 15 inches here. The last few years we have had the craziest and most destructive weather patterns. From hurricanes to snow storms. In the last month we have had 4 earth quakes here in West N.C. They were small like 2.2 and about 2 to 3 miles deep. The thing is, we never have anything like that and the media doesn't cover any of it. My point is that the geoengineering stuff is really messing us up. Causing property damage and people are getting harmed and killed. Plus the amounts of wildfires There needs to be more exposure. 20 years ago nothing like this was going on.

Ya Boi PI 6 months
i live in the middle of this area. its currently around 20F (which is normal for this time of year.) and we have about 4in of snow.

NPC #9273635 6 months
-45 C here bud

Miles O'Brien 6 months

T3hGladiator 6 months
"Threatens" is a strong word for snow.... I mean, it's not like a hurricane, and if you're not prepared for a few days without power just in case in snowy regions, I don't know what to tell ya.

TheWeakMinded 6 months
ya know, they told me to expect 16 inches here a few days ago, hows that panned out? an incher or 2 of melted garbage

mawfu 6 months
Insert dumb climate comment here.

Collin Stanfield 6 months
Time to go sledding.

Stephen 6 months
Gotta love that Global Warm-, I mean, Man Made Climate Change.
_M.H._ 6 months
Congratulations! You're the first of many uneducated dolts to not understand climate and weather. What are your plans now, going to Disney Land?
Vault Tec USA 6 months
Lol MH
Regrin Kade 6 months
I saw the title and quickly rushed to comment section, knowing that this app is filled with clueless people like you. Thank you for being here for me