Tension between Teenagers and Native Americans at rally

Tension between Teenagers and Native Americans at rally

Two incidents of tension between teenagers and Native Americans at a recent rally have been recorded. The teens are from two different Catholic schools. The first incident included teens in MAGA hats face-to-face with a Native American Vietnam vet. The second included a teen telling a Native American that stealing land is the way of the world. The teens are facing varying degrees of repercussions.

Aubry Carpenter
Aubry Carpenter
Yomada 1 year

https://youtu.be/eGiVylLJeJQ Watch a break-down of what happened here

.Tet. 1 year

In this video, the entire situation is broken down and explained by a liberal. He calls out the nonsense articles that the far-left and other racebaiting organizations relayed on their own websites. And brings light to many misconceptions that were formed due to them. https://youtu.be/EZTDIoywwGk

Samuel Pearson
Samuel Pearson 1 year

I don’t understand why anyone is defending these smug rich kids.

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