Britain’s Prince Philip warned by police over seat belt

Britain’s Prince Philip warned by police over seat belt

Queen Elizabeth’s 97-year-old husband Prince Philip received a warning from police after he was photographed apparently driving without a seat belt. This came a couple of days after Philip escaped without injury when his car flipped over following a crash with another vehicle close to Sandringham.

Elisabeth St. Claire
Elisabeth St. Claire 1 year

He's 500 years old. Not wearing his seatbelt is probably the first decision he's ever been able to make since marrying QEII.

Judi Em
Judi Em 1 year

He's 97 and still driving! Sorry, but he needs one of those old driving teacher cars with 2 sets of controls. Turn his side off and let him think he is driving! 😜

z3phyrus14 1 year

Is that picture real!? He looks like Death. Which is what will happen any second now so he shouldn’t be driving period.

Collin Stanfield
Collin Stanfield 1 year

Off with their heads!

AshLiamBerg 1 year

He's far too old to be driving what the hell? Should be banned to drive from the age of 80 and there should be frequent checks from the age of 60.

OtaRev 1 year

I don't envy the cop that had to talk to him.

Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston 1 year

The Queen is above the law so all you misandrists should shut up and have some thought about equal rights for men.

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