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Der Rikmeister 8 months
She's also learned how to react to cops from him as well. So cute!

Obvy. 8 months
What a great father showing his child that actions have consequences.

James Kratos777 8 months
I'm a walmart AP host and I see people steal with their kids all the time. Is stealing crap from china worth going to jail for in front of your kids?
Experiment Eks 8 months
Kleptomaniacs perhaps? Some think they're able to one-up the corporation by being able to steal a trinket or two.
Robert 8 months
They are doing it on purpose. When they get caught, they will put the kid in between them and you knowing that (normal) people are hesitant to be aggressive when kids are involved. Disgusting behaviour that I have seen far too often.
Judi Em 8 months
That is such a sad image. Poor baby.

(Un)Fortunate Son 8 months
This child knows how to comply with law enforcement. If only someone could The Young Turks how to not be a piece of fake news garbage.
AlexK 8 months
Its not even fake news when TYT aren't a news organization. They just state the "facts" someone has said.
SimonR 8 months
What do you expect when they employ people like Fabio?
(Un)Fortunate Son 8 months
Still doesn’t excuse them for producing garbage content.

SimonR 8 months
Robbing shops is fun for all the family!

Operation Wut 8 months
Could you imagine the headlines if that child happened to be black instead of white? Those officers would be slandered as racist and subjected to vile hate speech and threats. It's a good thing that the suspect and child just happened to be white.

Poke Poke 8 months
“ThEy’Re PoInTiNg ThE gUn At ThE bAbY”

I am Cobalt 8 months
Damn, even the kids no taller than my knee are getting in on the crime.