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Guillaume Eachus 5 months
Until police officers are serving the community again instead of serving the Drug War(pharmaceutical industry) and private prison lobby; both of which owns so many of U.S. politicians, you will see very little sympathy for police being killed in the line of duty. When law enforcement chooses to uphold unjust laws, any malice towards them is unsurprising. These men and women do little to deserve unquestioned reverence.

Poke Poke 5 months
And blm rejoices.

Star Alien 5 months
All cops are pigs.
Al3xK 5 months
The only pig here is you. When you get robbed "Oh, please help me officer". When you sit on your ass whole day living off welfare " Pfft, that pig deserved to die". Get your shit together and be respectful of people that protect you even if they don't want to because you're a piece of human trash that deserves no place in the modern society.
Star Alien 5 months
Tell me how you really feel. But ya cops are great they definitely aren't simple tools of the bourgeois.
Al3xK 5 months
I'm not an officer. Man, it's ok when it's justified. Just watch this video from tim pool about the police brutality in france. Next time ,be more respectful.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months
Prior Warrants. This has got to stop by stricter enforcement of convicted people.