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US and China ’committed to cooperating’ over matter on climate change

US and China ’committed to cooperating’ over matter on climate change

Through a joint statement released on Saturday, it was revealed that the US and China have ’committed to cooperating’ on a matter of climate change. This comes in response to the preparation of the US virtual summit on climate change, for which Biden has invited 40 leaders, including Chinese president Xi Jinping. The two-day summit is set to go live on Friday, April 22.

C 3 weeks

Of course, China will to its part. What a joke, just like always I'll say one thing and do another. They have the most filthy polluted country in the world. It would take a really naive person to sign that agreement

BlunderingFool 3 weeks

Only, the matter agreed on is that American will continue to flagilate itslef whilst China pollutes the sea, air, and land.

Hylton 3 weeks

No surprise there, you know climate change is a crock when the two administrations which are defined by their dishonesty agree to ‘do something about it’.

Tetelestai 3 weeks

of course China is going to cooperate. they don't have any measures to hit for decades. and it destroys western economies while allowing China to grow. its an agenda not a crisis.

Lcifer 3 weeks

Will this be like all the other things China said they where gonna do and just never actually did them? Not exactly a great track record for China saying they gonna do something then actually doing it

Randall 3 weeks

Currently we ship thousands of tons of ore to China for processing. This keeps the pollution over there. Also, we ship thousands of tons of garbage and recyclables to China and pay them to deal with it. What are we going to do if they decide to stop? Yeah, China is the biggest polluter but only because the rest of the world pays them to do it.

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 3 weeks

China will claim yes and continue to pollute cuz it has an authoritarian government. In contrary the US has been living the world in carbon emissions reductions precisely because of its lack of government control. It would be interesting to see what carbon emissions look like after 4 years of Biden, maybe more like China.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

Kick the football, Charlie Brown. We promise not to move it this time.

Lee Kay
Lee Kay 3 weeks

Reading these comments it is amazing to me that the average person gets exactly what China is trying to do - using the US weakness against itself while China keeps on trucking to a dominant and evil empire position. How then is it possible that US leadership and elites dont get it? Or its more likely that they DO get it- but have sold out and only care about their short term pocketbooks. This is how fascism and China wins.

peeweeherman 3 weeks

"Biden and Communist China: A Love Story" ....coming soon to a theater near you

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 3 weeks

That's because China doesn't have to do anything till 2030

James 3 weeks

Agreeing in principal is one thing, actually doing something is another.

Mar10 3 weeks

Hahahahaa yeah right...

James Wall
James Wall 3 weeks

And both will continue to do virtually nothing.

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