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Experiment Eks 5 months
USAToday put the word tragic in '' marks in their headline. Surely the accidental death of a young, innocent life can be deemed so without question. So checking other sources I found that the 12 year old girl is Esther Jung of Elk Grove Village as reported on ABC7 Chicago and she was playing with another 9 year old kid with an Asian sounding name. I guess for USAToday it's only a clear tragedy when the victims are of the right color eh?
Steven 5 months
You are reaching so hard

Alex Qkhwahck 5 months

SN 1054 5 months

Rave Biscuits 5 months
Very sad obviously but it's kinda funny that that one headline put 'tragic' in quote marks xD

Fonky Munk 5 months
That’s really sad... my thoughts are with the family and church community.

Robo 5 months
Man, stories like this are just the worst. You can't even blame anyone. The world just decides to fuck you over.

Tobago 5 months
my condolences to the family. tragic incident..

Chloe P 5 months

drakethesnake 5 months
Washington Times irrelevant information as always.
Beisht Kione 5 months
I reported the story for deletion.

ConcealCarryProtect 5 months
Poor girl. Hope it was easy and painless.
Sullivas 5 months
Likely wasn't, suffocation seems more reasonable.

Princess Pea 5 months
Teach your kids to make the tops of snow forts and tunnels less than a foot thick. This way, they can easily and quickly dig themselves out in case of collapse. We lived by this rule as kids in the '70s.

z3phyrus14 5 months
Life can happen at any time. I consider everyday a blessing.

What Do I Know? 5 months
played with the snow and lost