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CoLpOeSnED 6 months
holy shit, Jimmy Dore got this right the first time!

Mr. A 7 months
While the right hand has you focused on this, focus on what the left hand isn't reporting on. Food for thought.

Operation Wut 7 months
This is the most shameful and infuriating thing I've seen lately. There is so much open racism and sexism against white men in 2019.

Evolved Ape 7 months
Every once in a while there is a story that really gets me agitated. The last one was the smearing of Justice Kavanaugh. Similar bullshit and lies as that time too.

J S 111 7 months
The media does suck, and has sucked all along. Trump sucks even worse, but this whole episode is precisely what the ridiculously biased media needed: a good hard slap in their morals. They're just a bunch of useless, hype-driven, over-exagerrating, opinion spewing propagandists, and I say that as a staunch despiser of the Cheetoh in Chief.

SimonR 7 months
Can we reach one thousand likes?

Fishing 7 months
Thank goodness for citizen journalists who videoed the whole encounter and published it on the internet taking away the fake narrative from Fake News.

John Wilson 7 months
Root Beer 7 months
I wonder if he's lying about being Native American too. No one on the left has ever done that. Oh, wait, Elizabeth Warren! Didn't she get into uni pretending to be Native American?
Cary Brown 7 months
Just as I suspected! The truth always comes out on these matters.

Ekitchi Hoshi 7 months
Hopefully this will be a wakeup call to some of the people who presume guilt without evidence or context.

Don Grantham 7 months
Fake news, real lawsuit. These kids were deliberately defamed by virtually every major media outlet in order to turn a nothing burger into a national disgrace. Well, they succeeded but not the way they hoped.

NPC #9273635 7 months

Mike Clark 7 months
So the media want me to believe an old crack pot who can't brush his teeth and goes around beating a shitty drum like a moron.

RamyBC 7 months
It's kids being kids. That's all I saw in the video. The second drummer accompanying Mr. Phillips seemed to enjoy the kids dancing to his drumming. I don't think there was any malice here. Yea the kids got slightly unruly but these are charged up 15 year old virgins. Give them a break and it's a school field trip where any break from the educational tour is going to be a chance for them to release energy.

Lance 7 months
once again the media outlets are ALL TOO EAGER tonuse anything and everything they can to demonize and make martyrs out of trump supporters, whicb contrary to what they want to have happen, will only strengthen the resolve of trump supporters. i hope trump wins the 2020 election after he mops the floor with these mental slave masters. It's like that black 8th grader Chandler Crump once said in an interview with a YT channel called Slightly Offensive, "The democrats never gave up slavery, they just went from physical slavery to mental slavery"

Blaeingr 7 months
Well, many celebrities like Patton Oswald who called for action against the teens, which ranged from expulsion and doxing, to physical violence have started to quietly delete their tweets and other social media messages.
Don Grantham 7 months
I hope someone takes a screen capture of these posts and uploads them to a reputable site (if there is such a thing any more). The Internet never forgets and neither should any of us.
Blaeingr 7 months
Don, if you look at the link that I provided you can see the screen caps.

Hank Hill 7 months
Why is this considerable news and also not the reality?

Bingbong 7 months
Wow, what a threat. Kids making fart noises and standing around having to be subjected to the horrible israelite rhetoric garbage.

JDeG 302 7 months
Mainstream media trying to make there lies true. He's just a kid and you can't tolerate anyone

Georgie Pineda 7 months
super fake news strike again and USA citizens jump into hasty conclusion without evidence, just another day during Trump preaidency.

Miguel Parra 7 months
Wow, it’s almost like context matters. Grown man should have more manners than to pic a fight with kids. Shameful.