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NJD314 5 months They tired to defend LGBT, and are now receiving backlash for the wrong reason. Please see the full video.
Nik Kirsch 5 months
That’s because most people believe their first sight. Shows even more how necessary apps like these are
Naked Sage 5 months
The Jesus Freaks Gang Banged the wrong Indian
Nik Kirsch 5 months
Other way around bud’

Ørjan Helle 5 months
I guess its hard to admite that young white boys can be good guys in these day and age.
SûmFigöt 5 months
dindu jujitsu 5 months
Not to mention Catholic.
Rocky LeBlanc 5 months
Well the data is pretty conclusive on that subject when we look at percentage of firefighters and other first responders is overwhelmingly white males, and well beyond the general population concentrations as well.

SN 1054 5 months
Nathan Phillips is a liar! Tim Pool's latest video (linked below) shows the media took his lies and ran with it. CBS, CNN, and others do not bother to do journalism anymore. Why is it taking random people on the Internet to debunk this FAKE NEWS. The media are still protecting the grown men who were harassing these kids. Probably because they are minorities. This entire fake news event is absolutely disgusting! Words cannot describe how sorry it is that these kids and their families have been harassed, doxxed, and threatened with death because of the terrible state of journalism today. One of the days these so called journalists are going to get someone killed with their fake news.
Lucas Peters 5 months
That’s how the media is today why do actual work when you can just fake outrage
Boudica 5 months
watching it right now. it's a shame main stream journalists don't do their jobs, and then try to get vloggers like Tim shut down
shadel01 5 months
anything to get viewers....

Bill Hill 5 months
Typical mainstream bullshit yet again. Where is the story exposing the racism from the black Hebrew Israelites? There was no build the wall chant and Nathan Phillips is a lying crackhead. Fuck CNN. Fuck the media and fuck anyone who is dumb enough to believe this shit. Wake up!!
The Inquisitor 5 months
nice enthusiasm
Alex Qkhwahck 5 months
I believe CBS reported about their involvement, this evening.

Watheverable GRAMPS 5 months
It's ok to be white.
William E 5 months
na bro, it's actually a hate crime to not have enough melanin in your skin.
richard tracy 5 months
William E 5 months
Richard Tracy, (this is just my opinion) that looks even more suspicious than the original video. Why would they film the kids BEFORE the whole insident happened? we only saw a brief blurry image of white kids in maga hats. that is not proof that they are from the same group, or even school. Also, yelling MAGA is not harassment, it's a minor inconvenience.

Ed Murnaghan 5 months
Mirror of Shar Yaqataz Banyamyan facebook video Lots of waycism here but none committed by the boyos 👌💊👊 #StandWithCovington
Britney Whitesell 5 months
Really though. I didn’t know just being “white” meant you were a racist....sounds a bit “racist” to me🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ just sayin.

SimonR 5 months
I guess this will be the anti-fakenews thread, then...
Stephen 5 months
The alternative to that would be a pro-fakenews thread? I can't see that going anywhere pleasant.
Jerry Totten 5 months
shouldn't everyone be against fake news? shouldn't we all strive for real news?
SimonR 5 months
Compared to the thread posted before the full video was publicised, this is the factual one.

Mark Oulaghan 5 months
colour me shocked MSN twisting the truth

Milkshake 5 months
I've been saying it since Gamergate, a movement itself filled with teens and children defending their hobby; the moment SJWs who are stunted adults started crusading against children and getting argued back to a stalemate until they started begging the mainstream media and journalists to stoop to their level and make constant hit pieces against children and their hobbies, was the moment they earned their regressive left label. This here is just an extension of mentally castrated adults crusading against kids, with the left now leading the crusade as opposed to the past Conservative cusaders. Nothing more mentally regressive than that.
DKO 5 months
Ironically, while GamerGate got falsely accused of being misogynistic, the list of anti-GG activists that got caught being actual perverts, pedos, rapists, harassers and stalkers of women, is very long and still growing (since 2014.) They project and overcompensate.
Jerry Totten 5 months
plenty of adults in Gamergate, because the majority of gamers are in fact adults. In fact adults have always been a sizable percentage of gamers. Not surprising as we have the disposable income for the somewhat expensive hobby. That said, otherwise you are generally correct.

Son Of Shaw 5 months
Full video can be found here. 43 minutes to the first high schoolers showing up.
richard tracy 5 months
The Covington kids are not entirely innocent
VaasDC 5 months
oh Richard, you're doing god's work at this point. please share more irrelevant videos of the kids to try and grasp at useless reasons to justify the shit treatment you and your ilk have dumped on these poor kids.
Petri Fide 5 months
@Richard - that video shows nothing and has zero to do with beating a drum inches from the kids face. Reading through the comments is more telling about the racist regressive left than anything else.

Tetranome 5 months
Two links? I hope more outlets are covering this considering how many had done previous coverage on the "hate crime" version of events...
SimonR 5 months
BBC *just* posted the Fakenews version an hour ago.

Haley Brown 5 months
Wow. All of these corrections are from smaller news organizations not the main ones who everyone on the left gets their news

John Wilson 5 months
Root Beer 5 months
I wonder if he's lying about being Native American too. No one on the left has ever done that. Oh, wait, Elizabeth Warren! Didn't she get into uni pretending to be Native American?
Cary Brown 5 months
Just as I suspected! The truth always comes out on these matters.

david dindu 5 months
i showed the long unedited vid to a female liberal friend of mine. bitch cussed me out. finally understand why the black isrealites were saying how the sisters were coming at them with emotions and why they rather talk to their husbands. sick of these coonye west and uncle tomahawks. sign me up
Tetranome 5 months
LOL @David Didn't you hear to never try and wake a sleepwalker... 😉👌
MightyMargulis 5 months
im a jew and i had an almost violent run in with this group in time square. they call themselves the 13th tribe of israel. they were preaching a vrs that they misinterpreted to say god cursed the evil to have leprosy and that is where white people came from, when i corrected them that the term leprosy didn't exist when the bible was written and it said thrown to the leapards. the tried to fight me. they are wack jobs.
DKO 5 months
Vocab Malone has been trying to peacefully engage with them for a while, and this is his assessment: It's as if the blasphemy of Jehovah's Witnesses met the bigotry of Westboro Baptist Church, met with the violence of BLM, and supremacist ideology of Islam, all in one package. Oh, and the nonsense of Scientology sprinkled in, so you can't make sense of what they're arguing.

dindu jujitsu 5 months
Sadly 5-10 years from now snoopes will use the fake news such as from CNN as sources.
Blaeingr 5 months
That's if Snopes survives that long...

SN 1054 5 months
I am very disappointed that only the Right articles are actually telling the reality of this story. They are the only ones showing Phillips as the liar that he is. I am especially disappointed with Reuters. This incident was reported "bass ackwards" (Abraham Lincoln). This BS reporting that jumps on a controversy without actual investigation is exactly why the public is losing faith in the media. This rush to judgement by EVERYONE put these kids in extreme danger and subjected them to terrible harassment and doxxing. This should have never happened and just shows the media bias against white males especially if they support Trump. We have come to a new low from the Regressive Left when it becomes okay to harass and doxx children and their families.

Asura Bomb 5 months
good. now condemn the assholes for starting this shitstorm. let's see how they like being doxxed and threatened.

DKO 5 months
I can't believe I submitted a CNN link, where they admit it was fake news.
(Un)Fortunate Son 5 months
Now only for them to announce the name change to FNN

Petri Fide 5 months
I pray that Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano, other individuals and every news outlet that peddled this fake news with an aim to defame these students are sued into obscurity.

Fyre Britbong (Fyre) 5 months
Great job on the article. I updated the description and title to be clearer, will be approved soon hopefully.