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Disney chief says ABC passed on ’well-written scripts’ that lacked diversity

Disney chief says ABC passed on ’well-written scripts’ that lacked diversity

Walt Disney Television’s chairman of entertainment Dana Walden said recently that ABC passed on several pilots because they did not meet the network’s recent set of inclusion standards. Last year, ABC announced a set of ’inclusion standards’ on-screen and behind the scenes. The guidelines called for at least a 50% increase in recurring characters played by actors from underrepresented groups.

Jose 4 weeks

I seriously don't get this at all. This over sensitivity is way out of hand. I'm a Latin male. If something on TV or the movies does not interest me, I just won't watch it. Now everyone wants to be included in everything. Gays want to be included in heterosexual stuff, women in men's stuff, and viceversa. Atheists want part in religion, and religious people want part in atheist debates. Why can't we all just live our lives? If a white person doesn't like black people, just stay away from black people. If a black person doesn't like Latin people, stay away from us. If a Latin person doesn't like Asians, stay away. It IS that easy.

Qanonsense 4 weeks

Film and TV are art forms. You don't make demands of artists, you let them make beautiful art at their own discretion. Does this mark the end for historical dramas that took place in northern Europe where PoC were now where to be found? Do producers and directors have to bend history now to force black and brown and Asian people into plot lines that make zero historical sense? Disney is a company and can make up its own mind, but if they are going to start making demands of this sort, then we should talk about their near-monopoly on film making.

Rocky 4 weeks

So now even scripts can't be judge on merits. So we are being denied entertainment because of this garbage ideology?!?

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 4 weeks

Because diversity trumps quality. Gotta love the unironic racism there.

a commoner
a commoner 4 weeks

These diversity and inclusion standards are widening the gulf between the races. Would you want a white person acting as Martin Luther King Jr? Would you want a black person acting as George Washington if you are trying to be true to the history? Adding different races just to tick the diversity box for period pieces is ridiculous. As for ABC and Disney. They create modern day shows. Who is seeing a lack of diversity? The script reader or the script writer?

John 4 weeks

So you passed on a show because it wasn't racist enough for you. Message received.

Sigfried 4 weeks

Three step process to go broke. Step 1: create narrative that assumes a problem. Step 2: Engage in acts that inevitably create the problem stated in narrative. Step 3: #GetWokeGoBroke.

MF 4 weeks

Sure seems arbitrary. Who sets these standards anyhow? The country is still 65% Caucasian. I just don’t see how any of this helps minority groups or people either. I admire plenty of people who look nothing like me, so if the idea is to teach our society that that should matter, I can’t imagine anything worse to further limit the personal outlook of minority groups and individuals.

E N..
E N.. 4 weeks

Diversity isn't strange or difficult or rare, if you have a good script and can't add the diversity that exists in real life then that is a lack of imagination at work.

cledge fenrir
cledge fenrir 4 weeks

Oh this story is so good it's sure to win awards and be loved by the general public for years, wait you missed one of the woke check boxes, too bad. This one is terrible, general public will hate it, the few that'll "lije" it will only "like" it for social media clout then forget about it, it'll only "win" awards if there based on how hard Hollywood pushes it over if it's liked, however.... you got all the woke boxes checked congratulations you get at least one season

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 4 weeks

Stupid... but their loss.. diversity for the sake of diversity is a horrible idea... if its to be included it should have taste, be meaningful and incorporated into the story...

Paschal 4 weeks

So now all you movies have to include blacks, whites, lesbians, gays, transgender, Asian, latinos, non gender specific, bi sexual, cats and dogs, lets not leave them out, in order to make a good movie?

RichieRamirez 4 weeks

Where is the community of NAMBLA in the Disney pictures? They are discriminated.

Bryan_with_a_why 4 weeks

Good, I hope someone else picks them up, produces them and Disney learns their lesson. They're too big to collapse due to horrible management at this point but small incremental change can have an effect.

Neverless_ 4 weeks

And as such woke practice take place it is in pair to the decline of viewership across the board.

Thierry 4 weeks

Not the worst company in itself but deeply hypocritical given the fact that they profit and support the mass deportation of certain populations.

Eli 4 weeks

Disney is becoming an increasingly racist and sexist company the fact that they are bragging about it is disgusting and tone deaf

mike 3 weeks

No one cares about diversity!!! If it's well written it doesn't matter

Melissa 2 weeks

So every show has a token now. Better blast it on social media so they look woke.

Jon 4 weeks

Well, I for one have given my last dollar to the mouse.

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