Supreme court allows Trump transgender military ban while lower court debates

Supreme court allows Trump transgender military ban while lower court debates

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday let President Trump enforce his policy barring some transgender people from joining the military. A lower court had issued an injunction in December 2017 blocking the ban, but the Supreme Court’s stay stops that ruling from taking effect while the legal battle continues in lower courts.

MB Sand
MB Sand
Natasha Gossman
Natasha Gossman 1 year

If you are in any way under medical surveylance or participating in or expecting to participate in surgery, you are not qualified for military service. This has nothing to do with LGBT. If you are in the middle of surgeries or are on constant medication for ANY REASON you are automatically disqualified. Someone who associates as the opposite gender but takes no hormones and does not plan to transition until after service is perfectly qualified for military service and is welcome to join. This isnt a matter of prejudice. This is a matter of keeping our soldiers safe. Soldiers with medical needs aren't safe in combat roles or even overseas in many non-combat positions. I dont understand the disconnect here. Would you want a pregnant woman to be sent off for service? No, that's rediculous. Asthmatics aren't qualified. Should they be sent off to die of an attack because they can't get their medication? Broke your leg? yeah you're fine, your surgery and recovery wont impose on the military or put others in danger - come on in! Seriously. Think for a second on why this is actually being passed.

Fake Doors
Fake Doors 1 year

Every one mentioning this 40% suicide rate like it has been drilled in their heads. Always be aware of simplifying statistics, can be misleading. Take it from someone working in science. The main point is to consider what factors like marginalization, ostracism, abuse and other discriminatory and violent behaviours from society can do to the psyche and how much it can increase the chance of suicide..on ANYONE. Read a couple of articles about it. I know, I know they are "left" sources" but they link to studies. So if you are serious about your opinions, dig a little deeper than just repeating propaganda like the so called NPC you mock so much. You are not that different.

Samuel Pearson
Samuel Pearson 1 year

Why not merely judge each candidate as an individual? If you end up disqualifying all transgender applicants, so be it; at least you gave them the decency of a fair shot. Every human deserves that.

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