Yellow Vests group gears up for European elections

Yellow Vests group gears up for European elections

France’s ’yellow vest’ protesters are to put forward a list of candidates to run in upcoming European Parliament elections. A poll on Wednesday indicated that the movement could take 13 per cent of the vote in May. That would put it behind President Macron’s party with 22.5 per cent.

Sullivas 1 year

Frexit, nice.

Rave Biscuits
Rave Biscuits 1 year

I wouldn't have thought such an eclectic and de-centralised group would have a consistent enough opinion to be represented by a politician?

Dillon Wright
Dillon Wright 1 year

The French need out of the EU, my family over there has been fucked financially and their business got shutdown by the EU because it's a Christian business and its "OFFENSIVE" to the Muslims

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

I like the yellow star on the French flag. It’s a good look.

Oily Dumplings
Oily Dumplings 1 year


Basty Bees
Basty Bees 1 year

I never would’ve thought I’d like neon this much.

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