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Sacramento: 4 officers hospitalized after they were sprayed at protest

Sacramento: 4 officers hospitalized after they were sprayed at protest

Four police officers in Sacramento were hospitalized with injuries after they were sprayed with a liquid irritant during protests Saturday night. The demonstrators had gathered at the state Capitol downtown to protest the police shooting deaths of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo. The police had two reports of vandalism, but no arrests had been made.

Tom A
Tom A
ttocsick 2 weeks

More cops were attacked and hurt in this riot than that out of hand protest at the Capitol. Let's see if they go to lengths to catch these progressive punks like they did with dorks at the Capitol with face recognition or what the phuk ever. Riots on and off in Portland for the last 200 days. And where is joe biden? These are his people doing this for Christ's sake. No words of calm, encouraging restraint and peace? Because he's such a good decent man you know... He's all for it. Absolute piece of phukn sh¡t

Robert 2 weeks

All police officers should quit immediately. I know if I was on the force I would bail on these idjits. Let everyone fend for themselves and when everything is sorted out they will beg for you to come back to work.

chris 2 weeks

At this point isn't a terroristic chem\ bio attack by insurgents?

Old McBundy
Old McBundy 2 weeks

Gathered at the California state house to protest the police shootings of a man from Minnesota and a teenager from Illinois? Call me crazy, but I don’t think there’s much that some officials from the shithole California can do for the people of Minnesota and Illinois. Seems counterproductive to me. Why not drive to the precinct in Brooklyn Center or Chicago and burn down the police station? That sends a message better than AIDS-ridden kiddie lovers from the California government doing anything. If that cop who shot the kid in Chicago gets stabbed by some cholos while getting into his car, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

Ryan 2 weeks

4! Four people were injured by spray. Let that sink in. We have an entire section of articles because just four people were injured the same way literally thousands of people are injured the same way without hardly any complaint from the public. Police aren't a higher class of people. We are all just people.

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