Los Angeles Teachers Return to Class

Los Angeles Teachers Return to Class

Thousands of teachers in LA returned to the job on Wednesday, off a six-day strike against the second-largest U.S. school district of half a million students. The LA Union voted to approve a 3.5 year contract the union & district reached before dawn that day. Teachers received a raise of 6% (slightly less than 6.5% requested), and reduced class sizes, more nurses, librarians, & staff for schools

Mr. A
Mr. A
Tommy Hawkins
Tommy Hawkins 1 year

There's nothing like holding kids hostage for more pay and benefits.

W 1 year

Is that Frankenstein's monster?

AlexJ 1 year

Fuckin morons. They should get payed less for doing this. They already have relatively high wages(At least compared to firefighters and we all know how that turned up) In my country teachers get payed like 1000$ to 2000$ a month (Czechia) but it deppends on the type of school. And firefighters typicaly have a higher wage than a teacher. You know why? Firefighters are more valuable than teachers.

Star Alien
Star Alien 1 year

Collective action scores another victory.

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