Nintendo to restart development on Metroid Prime 4 over quality concerns

Nintendo to restart development on Metroid Prime 4 over quality concerns

Shinya Takahashi, Nintendo’s head of development, said in a YouTube video the company wasn’t happy with how development was going and that it hasn’t met Nintendo’s standards. As such, it’s scrapping all the work carried out so far and essentially starting over from scratch. Development of the game is stated to be in conjunction with US-based Retro Studios, the original developers of the series.

Aight Bradley
Aight Bradley 1 year

Good. Too many lazy developers are putting out unfinished or broken games lately. Nintendo still has some self-respect it seems, let's see them do it right.

Radical Moderate
Radical Moderate 1 year

Rather wait a bit to play a solid game then play a crappy game now.

Proper Root
Proper Root 1 year

really glad to see a developer actually give a damn about a beloved IP for a change

SN 1054
SN 1054 1 year

Everyone has stated my exact thoughts. I am tired of the laziness and cash grabbing of the current AAA publishers. It is good that Nintendo realized the multi-studio parallel development was a fail. Better to get it correct. I really enjoyed Metroid when it originally launched. I can wait a few more years for it to be done correctly. Even with my reaction times slowing down.

DKO 1 year

From their wording, expect it on the New Nintendo Switch. I suspect their worsening project management woes is correlated to Miyamoto's promotion to the top ranks, and possibly Iwata's micromanagement. Miyamoto can't manage projects, and Iwata didn't leave the recipe for the magic grease that made Nintendo run so well until the Wii era.

Covfefe_riot 1 year

What? Why not just have a 10gb day 1 patch?

Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson 1 year

This is similar to what happened to what happened to the first prime game. It had a incredibly long development cycle. Chances are that it would be a fine game, but it’s Nintendo so “fine” is not enough. They need to reinvent the system for each prime game, so I’m sure they are gonna have to something new and crazy with this one. Metroid is not exactly one of their best sellers so it has to be perfect to please the fans, lest they have another Other M situation, which I doubt the franchise can handle at this point.

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