Trump attacks CNN over Roger Stone arrest

Trump attacks CNN over Roger Stone arrest

President Donald Trump questioned how CNN received a heads up about Friday’s FBI’s pre-dawn raid of his longtime associate Roger Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. CNN was on hand when a large contingent of FBI agents pounded on the front door of Stone’s house, announcing they had a warrant for his arrest. The media platform supposedly used instincts, clues, and luck to video the incident.

Maggie Rose
Maggie Rose 1 year

CNN was there to capture Stone’s arrest because of “good instincts”? Complete bullshit. I wouldn’t trust CNN to shovel cow manure.

The NPC 1 year

Where was their reporter's instinct when they screwed the Maga boy story

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

I hear shovels. Is that the sound of CNN digging themselves and the FBI a deeper and deeper hole?

Judi Em
Judi Em 1 year

Dumbest over-use of SWAT resources ever. Just an intimidation show, with their buddies just somehow being in the neighborhood. Like they were expecting a Waco scenario? I imagine they stationed some SWAT on the roof before they started pounding the door too. How embarrassing to the country- acting like it's the USSR.

M.Twain 1 year

Stone doing his best Tricky Dick impression.

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