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Afghanistan: 8 family members killed in shooting at mosque

Afghanistan: 8 family members killed in shooting at mosque

Officials in Afghanistan said that eight members of a family were gunned down in an attack on a mosque in the eastern part of the country. The shooting was reported in the city of Jalalabad, and was believed to be over a land dispute. Revenge killings are common in Afghanistan, where families seek justice by carrying out violent acts of vengeance, as per an ancient code of honor.

Tom A
Tom A
Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 3 weeks

How can this be? Since guns are outlawed there's no need for anyone to do anything tragical like that. I mean since they see that no one else has any guns, they'll give their arms up in order to be party of the norm, left?

David 3 weeks

Obviously more laws are needed. Ban on blood fueds. More gun laws. Ban on killing people. Universal background checks - universal: meaning the whole universe, not just USA. So.if any government enacts a universal law it applies to everyone, including Klingons. Were the guns scary and black with all sorts if gizmos and attachments? Ban them too. Was the capacity greater than zero? If yes, ban anything greater than zero. Numbers and colors are scary. Ban them!

Mike 3 weeks

I thought the gun grabbing left said this never happens in other countries.

michael 3 weeks

I'll be glad to have our soldiers out of there so we can treat them like a real country that needs real help.

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