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Israel on path towards normalcy as country drops outdoor COVID mask order

Israel on path towards normalcy as country drops outdoor COVID mask order

The people of Israel were allowed by their government to move around barefaced, after the order to wear masks outdoors was rescinded in another step towards relative normality thanks to the country’s mass-vaccination against COVID-19. Israel has vaccinated nearly 81 percent of citizens or residents over 16, and as a result, contagions and hospitalizations are down sharply.

Tom A
Tom A
Freedom Nuggets
Freedom Nuggets 3 weeks

O no, they gonna kill grandma! Better put on 4 masks to show solidarity with my braindead brethren.

TheDadJokeGuy 3 weeks

I was always kinda iffy on wearing masks outside. If people are downwind of me, then yeah, I'll wear it. But if I'm out in the middle of nowhere or the wind is going the right direction, don't really have to worry

TheMadDane 3 weeks

"Allowed by their government." If you don't see that as a problem then you're the slave your government wants you to be.

Kathleen 3 weeks

The Israeli police-enforced wearing of protective masks outdoors, ordered a year ago for non-exercise activities, was scrapped. But the Health Ministry said the requirement still applied for indoor public spaces and urged citizens to keep masks to hand. No one there complaining about “my rights”

Joyce 3 weeks

I love the way Israel works with thier people. Hooray for the, they are showing that the pandemic is over

K. 3 weeks

So if the US is able to get 80% of people vaccinated we can go back to normal? I’ll be fully vaccinated by the end of the month.

Izod 3 weeks

It’s amazing that 81% of the population has been vaccinated. The US is still struggling because so many are still in doubt due to mixed messages from various outlets. America is a long way from out the weeds to normalcy bcecause change moves at snails pace in America.

IAMLS360 3 weeks

Folks should go watch Brett Weinstein’s vid about a new study that, apparently, concludes that all known strains of SARS Covid 2 do not transmit outside, even at night.

godhillie 3 weeks

Talk about those vaccine passports though...

Shono 3 weeks

Normalcy?? LOL meanwhile you recreated the holocaust...wait for it... In ISRAEL!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

Cole. 3 weeks


Justice Kazzy
Justice Kazzy 3 weeks

Cool to see the parasite that feeds off of America is doing something unexpected of it.

Rocky 3 weeks


J707J 3 weeks

must be nice - an american

Milly 3 weeks

This is the power of not politicizing masks/vaccines.

Wittj 3 weeks

Go Israel!

chris 3 weeks

I don't care.

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