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Police: FedEx shooter legally bought guns used in shooting

Police: FedEx shooter legally bought guns used in shooting

The 19-year-old FedEx employee who shot and killed 8 at an Indianapolis facility before taking his own life had purchased the guns used in the shooting legally. Police said the suspect, Brandon Hole, bought the weapons despite a state law that prevents people from purchasing a firearm if they are found ’an imminent risk’ to themselves or others. Hole’s suicidal tendencies were known to the police.

jamie 3 weeks

So the case of the shooter in Colorado, a state with red flag laws, the family failed to act. In this case in Indiana, a state with a red flag law, the prosecution failed to act. We all know the next line....they don’t work. And we just keep seeing it. Get trained, get a permit where needed and carry a gun.

Katie 3 weeks

Let's also acknowledge that if it wasn't so difficult to concealed carry less people would be brave enough to pull a stunt like this and more people would know how to safely and properly defend themselves and others with firearms when necessary.

bostonboy 3 weeks

So how about instead of creating new laws that don’t work we find a way to better enforce current laws? What’s the point of adding more laws that also won’t prevent criminals from breaking the law?

Tim 3 weeks

Surprise!! Another gun control law that proves gun control laws don't work.

Daniel 3 weeks

He got red flagged by his mom and had his gun taken away and then went and bought a gun the legal way with no trouble. This is an example of laws on the books not being enforced by the government officials we place in charge of enforcing them. The background check would have shown that this guy got red flagged before and that would have disqualified him from making the purchase. Instead, some lazy government official either didn’t put it in his record or approved the background check without even reading it.

Brett Ellis
Brett Ellis 3 weeks

Was the shooter a Bronie? Or is the attached image a random stock image?

mikezr1000 3 weeks

I blame Deadpool, he is a bad influence on the bronies.

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 3 weeks

Thats the whole problem.....

PappaOwl 3 weeks

Whats up with the ponies

scrummy 3 weeks

Why are there ponies in the thumbnail

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