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DKO 6 months
They're really on the way to 2020 candidates... We're going to need a bigger stage.
Blaeingr 6 months
For all those egos? More like a stadium 😁
Ricco 6 months
It's good really, the more establishment Dems run the higher the chance that an outsider will win.
MEIJIN44 6 months
I don't care what party you are in we should all believe and understand that no democrat from California should ever be president. That part of America is every reason for the culture war and political division. They need to look at internal issues before they even glance at the international or world stage. Fucking idiots only make their citizens life worse and worse. How the fuck do you have the best economy and nearly self sufficient but most of your people are homeless and shitting on the street. The drug use is rampant. I am not even complaining about weed or the soft shit I'm talking about the family ruining drugs. Never vote for Californian candidates until they save their own states. Same for Ohio.