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Two killed as Tesla without anyone in the driver’s seat crashes

Two killed as Tesla without anyone in the driver’s seat crashes

Two people were killed in Texas in the crash of a Tesla Saturday night. Authorities say there was no one in the driver’s seat at the time of the crash. There was a person in the front passenger seat and another in a rear passenger seat. Deputies said the car was traveling fast and failed to navigate a turn before running off the road, hitting a tree, and bursting into flames.

Sigfried 2 months

Well their life insurance won't be paying out. Tesla explicitly states a driver should still be present in the event of error.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 2 months

Nice Darwin award for idiots who think a self-driving car is reality or be safe then two hands

Stefnir 2 months

We haven't perfected self-driving cars yet. Always stay behind the wheel.

TaxTheRich 2 months

Yeah my only question is why was no one in the front seat behind the wheel? We have not reached Stage 5 autonomous driving where you don't have to be behind the wheel, Tesla doesn't advertise that it's self driving... Unless I'm completely wrong that they don't advertise that it's self-driving..

Hunter 2 months

Everyone saying “darwin award” as if they’ve never done anything silly in their life that could have gotten them killed.

Doug 2 months

Hammock Dunes Place is a short street ending at a cul-de-sac - 11 mansions, it appears - in a gated community (no Google Street View), where one might expect 20 or 25 MPH speed limit.

Omen208 2 months

Can anyone explain why a "smart" car like a Tesla doesn't have that super basic seat sensor, that cars have had for decades to tell if someone is not wearing a seat belt? If they do have one, then why did none of the genius' they employ think to connect that to the autopilot and add a simple script: "if driver seat sensor = negative, then, autopilot = deactivated"

michael 2 months

You're not supposed to leave the driver seat, even with autopilot. For this exact reason.

Hollowhammer 2 months

And the Darwin Award goes to (drumroll) these two i.d.i.o.t.s

LoveMyCats 2 months

The car murder them

my opinion may offend you
my opinion may offend you 2 months

Or the driver survived and fled on foot, maybe?

Pete 2 months

Ban cars! Especially self driving cars. To many have died at their violence!

Dave 2 months

Does this count as the first robot murder suicide? Is skynet starting?!

bhp 2 months


Katie 2 months

I saw a disaster such as this coming.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 months

"K.I.T.T., take over for a while. I'm gonna crawl in the back for a nap."

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