Woman rescued after being stuck in elevator over the weekend

Woman rescued after being stuck in elevator over the weekend

An woman spent the weekend stuck in the elevator of her employer’s Manhattan townhouse before she was rescued on Monday. The homeowners, who were away during the weekend, discovered the woman trapped when they arrived back home. The woman was reported in good condition when paramedics took her to the hospital.

(Un)Fortunate Son
(Un)Fortunate Son 1 year

Isn’t there a button in most elevators to notify the Fire department in the case of something like this?

Oily Dumplings
Oily Dumplings 1 year

Imagine being stuck in an elevator *this comment was made by 2 story building gang*

SN 1054
SN 1054 1 year

And I thought it was bad when my spouse was trapped for a couple of hours in one. Edit: My spouse just reminded me that the emergency button did not work. Someone waiting outside for the elevator shouted and found out the elevator was occupied. They went and got help.

MrVairhein 1 year

I smell a lawsuit...

Experiment Eks
Experiment Eks 1 year

There's that button, usually red, that you need to press in case of an emergency. I even remember some elevators have intercoms. Well, good thing she's safe.

A.P. Margulies
A.P. Margulies 1 year

Hahahahaha. Not funny

TheBornOfFire 1 year

I bet she had ripped clothing up her nose as she tried hopelessly to get away from the growing pile of plop in the corner,, lucky they got her out, eventually she'd have drowned.

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