PG&E files for bankruptcy

PG&E files for bankruptcy

PG&E Corp. filed for bankruptcy Tuesday as it faces billions of dollars in potential damages from wildfires in California. The utility filed documents in a court seeking Chapter 11 reorganization despite state investigators saying it was not to blame for a 2017 fire in Northern California. Experts say the bankruptcy will likely take years to resolve and will result in higher rates for customers.

M R 1 year

This is a REALLY GOOD REASON to NOT vote for any California politicians on the national stage. Kamala go home! We don't want your garbage politics!

Steven Arkin
Steven Arkin 1 year

Now I haven’t looked into who’s really at fault for the fires so PG&E may well be at fault for starting it/them. But I’d say the fault for them getting as bad as they did goes to the California government. Controlled fires HAVE to happen or else this devastation is inevitable. But rather than use their brains and researchers they went with public opinion. “There’s no such thing as a ‘controlled’ fire” irresponsible pricks.

Shane 1 year

Exactly what they deserved. Their money desires are the reason why they were so harshly devastated once their plans were finally understood. If you seek to undermine the American people, understand that you will be met with harsh consequences.

SN 1054
SN 1054 1 year

<gets out popcorn>

richard tracy
richard tracy 1 year

Jerry Brown and California Democrats passing the costs onto all Californians, meanwhile PG&E walk away Scott free with a bankruptcy. Thanks Democrats! We know who you side with now!

Jonathan 1 year

California once the nicest place to be in the U.S.. Now it is one of the worst.

AngelShade00 1 year

Rip California working class

Hannibal 1 year

So the state government is off the hook for poor fire prevention practices and a heavily-regulated public utility will eat the costs. Even more hilarious, the bankruptcy court now has to weigh compensation for victims and company obligations to the state's green energy hobby horse.

Shane 1 year

I would also like to point out that the summary says that investigators said PG&E didnt cause “A fire”. As in singular... unless it was a typo

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 year

Gotta blame someone.

Rage Against the Vagine
Rage Against the Vagine 1 year

good now let Cali buy all of their utility stuff at the bankrupted rate. if Cali residents are already socializing the costs while PG&E is privatizing the profits it is already the people's utility. then those utility lines will be buried and the trees around them will be trimmed

DarkWarrior633 1 year

I thought this said P&G

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