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New Florida law permits schools to require genital inspections of children

New Florida law permits schools to require genital inspections of children

Under a ban on transgender students in sports passed in Florida, schools would have the power to subject students to ’physical examination’ if their gender is disputed. The HB 1475 bill passed the State House on Wednesday with a 77-40 vote largely along party lines. The bill allows for ’routine sports physical examination’ of the students’ genitals, genetic makeup, and testosterone levels.

Kim 3 weeks

Good! It's about time girls and women are protected from men who can't make it in their own sport. Facts, that your a boy /man, don't care about your feelings. More states need to do this!

R_Forde 3 weeks

To clarify this bias headline the suspected transgender students healthcare provider would do the testing and they would submit the results. It’s not like the school would be doing it.

Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor 3 weeks

Yearly sports physicals are already part of participating in sports, aren't they? "Turn your head and cough" anyone? Talk about some manufactured outrage. Just stating on paper that they're an inny or an outy doesn't change a single thing about the physical exam.

Matt H.
Matt H. 3 weeks

Gotta love the state coming in to infringe on your personal liberties and freedoms, this is just a wonderful bar to set for the future /s. Even if it's the healthcare professional doing it, this is massively wrong on a lot of levels.

Yoseph 3 weeks

High school sports are for CHILDREN to learn teamwork, dedication, and commitment in addition to providing a safe outlet. Young trans women need this just as much if not more than Cis kids. It seems like it would at least be worth trying for a season or two instead of just banning trans girls. Maybe the students would learn something valuable from the experience. Maybe they could end the cycle of hate being pushed on them by their parents.

curtis 3 weeks

This is horrible and unnecessary. Just do a karyotype to see if they have a y chromosome. What kind of psychological damage this will do.

Just Keep Scrolling
Just Keep Scrolling 3 weeks

Can't you just look at the original birth certificate? Either that or a simple blood test. This seems kind of like an icky ploy to combat the problem with an extreme solution, so that the opposition backs down.

Seekster 3 weeks

I am assuming a medical professional will be doing the inspection in private and that the headline is misleading.

Jordan 3 weeks

This os wrong their are other ways to get the same information. Or have it required for everyone during their physical. But a kid should not get their junk touched just out of question for what they are everytime someone questions it. Thats wrong. I know its by a doctor but thats still wrong. I dont think guys should be on girls teams but this is extream.

namesake544 3 weeks

With the whole PizzaGaetz scandal going on its odd to see how intrested conservatives are with children's g£nitals.

Darknimbus3 3 weeks

I ummm.... I think this is kind of unecessary....

Xombie 3 weeks

Over 30 years ago I had a genital inspection for was called a physical. They are common

James 3 weeks

If Epstein was still around I'm sure he would have applied for the job.

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