Sarah Sanders says God ’wanted Trump to become President’

Sarah Sanders says God ’wanted Trump to become President’

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, in an interview to the Christian Broadcasting Network on Wednesday, said that she thought God had different roles for different people and wanted Donald Trump to become President. She then proceeded to call House of Representatives Leader Nancy Pelosi’s view on the idea of a border wall being immoral, ’a ridiculous charge’.

Janani R
Janani R
Robert 1 year

I don't get this headline "Donald Trump wanted Donald Trump to become President" well duh.

Paul Flaherty
Paul Flaherty 1 year

Religious fanaticism. Religious fanaticism is uncritical zeal or with an obsessive enthusiasm related to one's own, or one's group's, devotion to a religion – a form of human fanaticism which could otherwise be expressed in one's other involvements and participation, including employment, role, and partisan affinities.

Mr. A
Mr. A 1 year

Divine Right of Kings returns. Please stop bringing idiots in to "speak for" God. There is an even balance between free will and pre-determination, not absolute fate & destiny in God's hands, nor total destiny in our own as well. To imply somehow one of the 2 parties has the favor of God with it is an outright lie, and toying with the voters' sentiments.

Sean Donahue
Sean Donahue 1 year

If trump is not relected it will be Gods will as well.

Leo Miggel
Leo Miggel 1 year

Heresy!!! saying that god wanted Trump to be president... HE IS THE GOD EMPEROR OF HUMANITY

Jus Saying
Jus Saying 1 year

You're imaginary friend had nothing to do with it. I'd say Clinton being such a horrible person had more to do with it.

Hannibal 1 year

And yet there were no similar headlines despite black leaders and churches across the country saying the same thing... It's as though the media is trying manipulate public opinion.

Aaron Davis
Aaron Davis 1 year

why can't we just do to Christian's what the Romans used to before they fell? Lions make excellent judges of character.

Brandon Barnett
Brandon Barnett 1 year

So does a God rigged elections

TehChuckles 1 year

Shock horror. Republican found to be devout Christian. /s I'm actually so keen to see Christianity become less of a taboo practice, much better and productive than some other Religious practices, that's for sure.

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