Italy slips into recession as quarterly GDP drops

Italy slips into recession as quarterly GDP drops

Italy became the first major European economy to face a technical recession in five years. The Italian economy shrank by 0.2 per cent in the final quarter of 2018. It follows a 0.1 per cent fall in the third quarter. Typically, a recession is defined as two successive quarters of contraction.

Hannibal 1 year

When the Washington Times has the only balanced headline... German growth was negative last quarter and only .5% the quarter before that. French growth has been under 1% for half a decade now amidst a global boom. While the populist government in Italy isn't really pro-market the recession is hardly their doing.

Paul M
Paul M 1 year

Italian economy hasn't grown in about 20 years.They need independence.

Free Speech
Free Speech 1 year

Populism in Action.

Planned Obsoylescence
Planned Obsoylescence 1 year

It's time to leave Italy. Take back your country.

Sapper82 1 year

Come on Italy, get out as we have with brexit. You have the history and the beauty of your culture- don’t let it slip away to African and middle (b)east migrants. Get out ASAP

Rick Smith
Rick Smith 1 year

The first domino to fall...

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