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’China aware of pandemic risk 5 years before Covid outbreak,’ virologist says

’China aware of pandemic risk 5 years before Covid outbreak,’ virologist says

Virologist Dr Eddie Holmes, during an interview with UK’s Telegraph, said China’s Wuhan Centre of Disease Control and Prevention had identified a risk of pandemic at the market linked to Covid-19 origins years before the outbreak of disease. Recounting his 2014 Wuhan’s Hunan seafood market during a trip to look for new pathogens, the Wuhan CDC discussed that a disease may emerge from the market.

Voranart 3 weeks

Communist china party has all the power to either support or discourage this. Without its support, CCP acts in negative zone to the whole world. How can the world be sure that CCP has not been the real expander itself as a bully? CCP 's actions up until now only discourage chance to get rid of the causes. To win over this world problem, worldwide attention must be upon CCP as the proven problem origin and expansion. To play among the good, CCP need to act according to the world acceptable standards and not as world' most suspicion.

yuckycrumpet 3 weeks

*shrugs* So was the US and most other countries.

Patty 3 weeks


J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 3 weeks

Thanks China.

kaleb 3 weeks

Raise your hand if you're fun surprised. F'n commies.

John 3 weeks

China will just make a claim that its racist to criticize China and it'll be sweeped under the rug

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