Appeals court hears challenge to FCC net neutrality repeal

Appeals court hears challenge to FCC net neutrality repeal

A federal appeals court asked pointed questions of the Federal Communication Commission on Friday while hearing a challenge to whether the Trump administration acted legally when it repealed net neutrality rules. The arguments focused on how internet providers should be classified under law and whether the FCC adhered to procedural rules in dismantling the Obama-era rules.

Obvy. 1 year

Net neutrality is so stupid, give govt. control of all services why don't you? Let free market decide ISPs success or failure.

Hannibal 1 year

This is so idiotic. Congress did not write any of the legislative framework for this; the FCC did. This means the FCC can rewrite its own regulations, just as Obama's FCC did with Net Neutrality. If you like NN and think internet should be a utility then get it passed through Congress.

Mister Brown
Mister Brown 1 year

the free market solves everything governments are stupid there has never been any need to legislate anything

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