Foxconn to build factory in Wisconsin after Trump intervened

Foxconn to build factory in Wisconsin after Trump intervened

President Trump intervened with Taiwan-based Foxconn to convince the company to build a manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. This came after the company said last week it was rethinking its plans to open the new facility. Foxconn confirmed that Trump had spoken with company chairman Terry Gou, and it would go ahead with the opening of a fabrication facility in Wisconsin.

Vulpicula 1 year


Rage Against the Vagine
Rage Against the Vagine 1 year

I wonder how many local people will actually get a job here. 4 billion in subsidies for 13k jobs, is 4 billion out of that community. without the 13k job pledge they shouldn't still get to rob the community of that money. no wonder they won't provide any details.

Operation Wut
Operation Wut 1 year

While Democrats wax poetic about improving the lives of the little people, Trump makes phone calls to get them jobs. Orange man bad! Why would you want a job when you can have a socialist system that will make you dependent on us to take care of you instead!!

MrVairhein 1 year

wow thats actually pretty big news. good job trump?

DKO 1 year

Obama: "What kind of magic wand do you have to bring jobs back?" Trump: "ABRACADABRA, MOTHERFUCKER!"

Markus Bergwache
Markus Bergwache 1 year

Expect suicide rates to rise

Wipplebucko 1 year


Watheverable GRAMPS
Watheverable GRAMPS 1 year

Jobs jobs jobs!

richard tracy
richard tracy 1 year

Corporate welfare

J. 1 year

Foxconn. That's the company that had to install safety nets to the outsides of its factories in China because workers were literally throwing themselves to their deaths to protest the slave wages and horrible working conditions. Good luck with that, Wisconsin. But Trump probably only supports Foxconn because he watches Fox, and he's a con man.

david dindu
david dindu 1 year

they can house the caravans

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